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Gas station reviews #1: the Sunoco on Azeele & MacDill

photo courtesy of this fun, local paranoiac website: http://colinbreen.blogspot.com/2010/04/bob-and-colins-support-staff.html

I’ll begin my series on filling station criticism with the one nearest my house — the Sunoco next to Pipo’s. Its location evokes the former ingenious Plant band called Azeele Corner and a lot of out-of-state drunkards from University of Tampa procuring Funyuns and Red Bull during the heat of the day, mid-Gasparilla. Let’s get right to it:

Gas: $3.25 for regular. (-11% nat’l avg.)

Twelver of Yuengling: $10.49

32s: OE, Bud Light, High Life, Natty Light, Natty Ice, Coors Light (?), Corona (?!). Also carry tall boys of Smirnoff Ice, perfect for Tampa Prep parties

Specialties: Decent selection of craft beers (Ybor Gold, Victory, Abita, etc.); intriguing kids’ drink called BellyWashers® which are supposed to be a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, with basketballs and hockey pucks for caps; ICEES!

Register Impulse Buys: “lighter leashes,” 5-Hour Energy

I’ve always considered “bellywasher” a really great word

For the most part I have a mild fondness for this place. Lately there are always a bunch of cops congregating in the vacant lot across the street, which I think used to be a dry cleaners. Good gas station.

Verdict: 4.1/5

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